Custom Fitting

Here at my pro shop at Belton Park Golf Club which is located close to Grantham on the A1, I am a specialist in club fittings and will ensure you get golf clubs that are suited to your game that will help you play better golf. 

What is Custom Fitting?

Come and see what all the fuss is about. Have experienced and highly skilled Advanced PGA Professional Shay Brennan take your golf to the next level with stunning looks and awesome performance of the ORKA range of custom built clubs.

  • Why Orka custom built?
    • the finest materials, the finest build quality
    • they actually COST less than the highly marketed brands you see on TV even though they are better made
    • each club is built from start to finish by one club builder
    • all individual clubs precisely swing weighted to match the next club in your set and the set as a whole. 0.3 tolerance at most!
    • UK owned, your money goes into a small UK business

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Clubs matched to your swing
  • Improved accuracy and distance
  • Bad shots are improved
  • More value from your investment
  • Greater confidence
  • orka golf

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